You can find the Fortnite patch notes 19.01 here
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You can find the Fortnite patch notes 19.01 here

You can find the Fortnite patch notes 19.01 here

You can find the Fortnite patch notes 19.01 here.


Today, December 14th, 2021, Fortnite received a significant update. It launched the remaining Battle Pass Bonus items and a few bug fixes. Fortnite Split Screen is also back. In the meantime, Fortnite’s Winterfest event is set to launch in the coming days.

Today’s Fortniteover brings with it update 19.01, which will bring a considerable amount of new material over the coming weeks, many of which are themed around holiday celebrations. We will be looking at the new Spider-Man Super Skins and other bug fixes and balance changes that were made in Fortnite’s 19.01 update patch notes. Epic will soon reveal more details about the Winterfestevent. We will be sharing all that we know!

Battle Pass now includes new Fortnite Bonus Spider-Man Outfits

Updated Battle Pass now shows all the bonus skins available after Battle Pass Level 100. Many will remember the new Spider-Man Super Skins in Photo Negative and Scarlet Blackout.

Fortnite 19.01 patch notes — Balance changes

A small, but important change has been made to the ammo count of the Stinger SMG as well as the Hunter Bolt Action Sniper. They now update their reload animations earlier.

Other balance adjustments were also made last week in a smaller hotfix. Guzzle juice heals faster than ever, so you can heal while on the move.

Both the Striker Pump Shotgun and Auto Shotgun have been upgraded. The Auto Shotgun is now easier to pull out, and the accuracy of the Striker Pump Shotgun has been slightly improved.

The Ranger Assault Rifle’s accuracy and damage rate have been increased.

Fortnite update v19.01 Patch notes — Bug fixes

Fortnite Split Screen is back! This allows you to play with friends and family on the same device. Epic Games has fixed an issue that caused this to be disabled.

Reboot Vans could sometimes not revive players when more than one player was talking to the Van at once. This problem has been also fixed.

You can find the Fortnite patch notes 19.01 here
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