Leak: 'GoldenEye007' Remaster Coming to Modern Consoles
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Leak: ‘GoldenEye007’ Remaster Coming to Modern Consoles

Leak: 'GoldenEye007' Remaster Coming to Modern Consoles

Leak: ‘GoldenEye007’ Remaster Coming to Modern Consoles

We can all agree that GoldenEye007 is one the most famous games ever made. Apart from the Super Mario 64 titans and Ocarina of Time giants, Rare’s 1995 Bond movie adaptation sat proudly within the N64 library. It was one of the first console-based first-person shooters. It’s a licensed title, so there have been no official rereleases on modern consoles. But that could change.

In October 2021, Nintendo asked for the game to be classified in Germany. It was previously banned in that country at the time it was released. People speculated at the time about whether the game would make a comeback via the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. However, it doesn’t appear that it’s the only option.

The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack was introduced in October. You can see it below.

Xbox live has seen over 50 achievements, GoldenEye007, confirming the game’s return to the Xbox One. If you need more proof that this game is back, there are even achievement photos.

It looks like the game will be a remastered version rather than a remake based on the photos. But it’s still a big deal that the game is making its way to Xbox since it was an N64 exclusive. The likes of MinecraftSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate, have helped to strengthen the relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo. I love a good enemy to lover arc. It will likely make a return via the Switch online service, but it would be a strange thing if it did not.

It is worth noting, however, that 2022 marks both the 25th anniversary and the 60th anniversary of James Bond, so it is quite understandable that there are plans to celebrate. Although I would advise that we wait for the official word before getting overexcited, I believe we can still have some fun with it. It’s a treat.

Leak: ‘GoldenEye007’ Remaster Coming to Modern Consoles
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