How to sign up for MultiVersus Beta
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How to sign up for MultiVersus Beta

How to sign up for MultiVersus Beta

How to sign up for MultiVersus Beta


Multiverse, the new fighting game platform, is the latest buzzword. Warner Bros takes on the Smash Bros-style 2v2 brawler. You’ll both be able to recognize and like your favorite characters because Warner Bros has the most of them!

MultiVersus looks a lot better than Nickelodeon’s similar Project: All-Stars. Due to series shenanigans, a game fell at the final hurdle. The game could not take off because of the absence of a voice cast. The multiverse doesn’t have this problem; they have a stellar cast of actors who’ve played the roles they’re playing. Did we write an article about all the voice actors here: Multiversus Voice Actors-Who’s original?

MultiVersus Beta Sign up

You can sign up for BBetanow. Register your interest, and then wait to see if you get invited to the bBeta

MultiVersus Characters

These are all the characters, including their voice actors!

Character Actor / Actress
Arya Stark Maisie Williams
Batman Kevin Conroy
Bugs Bunny Eric Bauza
Finn, the Human Jeremy Shada
Garnet Estelle
Harley Quinn Tara Strong
Jake the Dog John DiMaggio
Reindog Andrew Frankel
Shaggy Matthew Lillard
Steven Universe Daniel DiVenere
Superman George Newbern
Tom and Jerry Eric Bauza
Wonder Woman Abby Trott
How to sign up for MultiVersus Beta
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