How to sign up for MultiVersus Beta
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How to sign up for MultiVersus Beta

How to sign up for MultiVersus Beta

How to sign up for MultiVersus Beta

The Game Awards 2021 is over. This year’s show presented the best games of the year awards. It was a celebration of the best games of the year, but it also showcased significant events. Amazon Games and Smilegate Studios seized the chance to do just that.

Smilegate’s ARPG-themed MMO was on display at the event. While the game is available in Russian and Korean regions, the western version of the game is beta. There will be a test in November and a summer edition in the summer. The game ran well for many of us, except for some apparent bugs. It turned out that the beta was well received by Smilegate and Amazon, so they announced an official release date for Lost Ark at the Game Awards.

Lost Ark Release Date Announced

Smilegate Studios and Amazon Games announced that the Lost Ark release date would be February 11. A special trailer revealed the game’s release date. This trailer explains the story of the Lost Ark in one minute. It also shows that the chaos gates have opened and hordes upon hordes. The only way to save the world is to find the Lost Ark.

The trailer for Lost Ark, released on its release, also featured some gameplay. The trailer opens with some of the most unique class genders. These include the ranger, mage and assassin.

The trailer ended with the release date mentioned and confirmed that there would be a three-day early play period for founders packs. When the game launches officially on February 11, the regular game will still be available for free.

The trailer didn’t show any new features for the game. You may be interested to see if there is anything else added to the launch. AG and SG have confirmed that the Sorceress will be coming to the western launch as part the game’s localization efforts. This will be a good option as the beta did not include anything that was similar to the western idea of a mage.

Trailer for Lost Ark Reveal – Watch the trailer below

We have embedded the trailer below if you are interested in what’s happening in the Lost Ark release date trailer.

How to sign up for MultiVersus Beta
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