Square Enix Could Remake 'Parasite Eve.
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Square Enix Could Remake ‘Parasite Eve.

Square Enix Could Remake 'Parasite Eve.

Square Enix Could Remake ‘Parasite Eve.

If Parasite Eve passed you by back then, I am genuinely sorry. It was released on the original PlayStation back in 1998, a big year for video games. It was an unusual fusion of survival horror and action RPG.

This should not have been possible, honestly. Square Enix made it possible. Parasite Eveblended an intelligent real-time combat system with thoroughly modern RPG elements and some of the most horrifying horror ever seen in video games.

Parasite Eve was a cult favorite. The series has been on the ice for almost two decades, except for a sequel that came out a few years later. It’s not the Square Enix IP. We would expect to see a return. It turns out that a revival may be possible.

This is rumor/speculation territory, so be sure to have a good dose of salt. One Twitter user, who distributes a lot of Square Enix ROMs, has made a compelling argument that the company is preparing for a Parasite Eve revival.

FantasyAnime claims they have been sharing ROMs from games such as Chrono Trigger and Parasite Eve for nearly 22 years. They claim Square Enix has only sent them cease-and-desist notices to delete these ROMs.

Square Enix asking for permission to stop the distribution of its games isn’t convincing enough. FantasyAnime claims that the takedown did not include some other Square Enix properties. Only games and remakes that are known or rumored to still be in development (e.g., Final Fantasy, Chrono cross) were flagged.

It is possible to argue that Parasite Eve being in the takedown implies that Square Enix is working some to make the cult horror video.

It remains to be determined if this would be a remake of the original or a new entry, but it is an exciting development. Keep an eye out for Parasite Eve’s return.

Square Enix Could Remake ‘Parasite Eve.
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