Capcom Quietly Distected Dino Crisis Trademark

Capcom Quietly Distected Dino Crisis Trademark

Capcom Quietly Distected Dino Crisis Trademark

Capcom Quietly Distected Dino Crisis Trademark


Dino Crisis – Who is this person? Not Capcom. The survival horror series was created by the same team that Resident Evil. It first appeared on the PlayStation back in 1999. The first game featured Regina, a special operations agent sent to investigate an isolated island research facility overrun by dinosaurs. It’s a great idea.

Although the series received four more (mainly) successful installments until 2003, it was dead quiet until January 2013, when Capcom filed for an updated trademark. It was an online multiplayer game in Dino Crisis. Great! It’s not! Because it has been abandoned.

The trademark was used for an online game that could be played on mobile and handheld devices. It seems that the idea was dead. Capcom applied for multiple extensions but didn’t prove that they had used the trademark. Boo.

The good news is that a trademark from a different time, filed in March 1999, three months before the game’s release, was renewed in November for another ten years. They may be still thinking about the franchise. Maybe? It could be for IP protection, but that doesn’t make it fun speculation.

The idea of a new series installment wouldn’t be out of reach, but it is possible. One Capcom fan asked in December 2017 if there was a Dino Crisis. A Capcom official Twitter account responded, “If many people wish.” Mysterious!

We can still look forward to Instinction – a spiritual successor of Dino Crisis, by Hashbane Interactive. It will be released next year on PC and PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Hashbang Interactive released the following press release: “A dinosaur survival video with modern mechanics, a compelling story. After 20 years of waiting, we couldn’t help but make one ourselves. It had to be incredible to pay homage and honor the original.

You can rest assured that you will get your dinosaur fix next year somehow, but maybe not in the manner you hoped. You know it’s there, though.

Capcom Quietly Distected Dino Crisis Trademark
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