Shipment goes live in Vanguard Multiplayer
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Shipment goes live in Vanguard Multiplayer

Shipment goes live in Vanguard Multiplayer

Shipment goes live in Vanguard Multiplayer

Just over two weeks remain before the launch of Season1 for Call of Duty vanguard. Sledgehammer has also added the fan-favourite Map Shipment to the map pool. This makes it the 17th map in multiplayer. This iconic map, known for its chaos and close quarters gameplay, is now available on all platforms. It is also the third remade map in Vanguard.

In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the map was first featured in the first-person shooter franchise. The map has seen many updates over the years, including a new look in Modern Warfare 2019, which featured it.

Shipment, just like the previous redesigns, has a new look that fits with the theme World War 2. There are also breakable walls in many of the containers that make-up the bulk of the map layout. Although it appears to be an attempt to show one of Sledgehammer’s latest innovations, the destructible elements should decrease the chance of getting caught in a trap. There are more escape routes than ever.

Shipment has been launched with a 24/7 playlist. It features a wide range of game modes, which will ensure plenty of high-octane, fast-paced action. This will allow you to rank up shotguns or SMGs as quickly as possible.

The Best COD Vanguard Shipment Ladout

We recommend our Combat Shotgun loadout, which is designed for success in the intense close-range battles Shipment offers. You can also use the Type 100 to your advantage with its rapid rate of fire.

Shipment goes live in Vanguard Multiplayer
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