New World PTR Patch Notes - Test the Winter Convergence Festival, and more
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New World PTR Patch Notes – Test the Winter Convergence Festival, and more

New World PTR Patch Notes - Test the Winter Convergence Festival, and more

New World PTR Patch Notes – Test the Winter Convergence Festival and more.


New World may have added a new 1.1.1 patch to the game a few days ago. This includes a secret giant turkey who wants to kill everyone. This would have been the usual news week at Amazon Games. However, New World is receiving some juicy content for Christmas.

Amazon Games announced that the New World PTR would be returning, with system modifications and the addition of the Christmas event, Winter Convergence Festival. The unofficial New World PTR patch notes contain the following information.

The Foundation is The Rock

The Rock confirmed his role in Fortnite as The Foundation, according to another Fortnite news. Since Jonesy drafted The Foundation into Fortnite’s Zero Crisis finale, players have speculated that Jonesy’s voice was that of The Rock. However, it has not been confirmed. However, in a video promoting his ZOA energy drink, Dwayne Johnson did give a glimpse at The Foundation’s helmet inside his drinks fridge. This doesn’t prove that Johnson is The Foundation.

New World PTR patch notes for Winter Convergence

There are currently no New World PTR patches notes. However, Amazon Games published a blog post that discussed new features in more detail. It is not a patch note, but it does look like one.

The article is quite detailed, despite my ranting to myself. The blog mentions a forthcoming Winter Convergence Festival, New World’s Christmas-themed festivity. New World had very little to offer over Halloween. This is a huge shame. However, we are getting a real Crimbo-selecta.

New content, Morso, allows players to try out the new end-game systems and the Expertise mechanic that eases the monotonous and tedious grind of the watermark system. This section contains more information about the New World PTR patch notes.

New World Winter Convergence Festival

New World’s winter convergence festival is New World’s festival for big nick. This event aims to foster a sense of community in MMOs, and players will decorate Aeternum’s towns and settlements. For event progression, the Winter Wandered has chosen four-holiday villages in Weaver’s Fen and Brightwood as his home.

This event aims to support the completion of all town projects that help the Convergence Spirit plant each settlement’s tree. To grow the tree, you’ll need special Town Projects. Once Christmas Day arrives, the rewards will increase as the trees get more prominent.

It wouldn’t be a video game without a catch. Sprites! Sprites! There will be hidden gifts all over the globe that we can find and collect to earn Winter Tokens at the holiday village.

Gleaming Showers are home to meteor showers. Meteor showers will occur throughout the night on Aerternum. If you want to reap their rewards, you’ll need your eyes and ears to be alert.

A new feature, the ice cave, allows players to explore new areas. They look like the Angry Earth mobs but have a wintery theme.

Expertise and Gypsum

A future feature overhaul is in the New World PTR Patch Notes. Amazon Games knows that people want to bypass the system and create things like the Shadewalker or Voidbent armours. The changes will mean that you’ll likely need to interact with it.

You can now get better items with the New Expertise System, but your effectiveness will not be complete until you have your watermark up. Gypsum is a new mechanic that encourages people to improve their watermarks. Gypsum can be guaranteed up to one Gympsum per day. You can do whatever content you like. Gypsum can be obtained from Expeditions and Arenas, Crafting, Open-World farming, Crafting, and many other activities. The Gypsum will increase your knowledge in any item slot that you wish to improve. This makes it more deterministic, which is a positive change.

Expeditions have been proven to increase your chances of obtaining new content. This makes it even more rewarding to do tours, especially as many players spend more time farming Myrkgard due to its efficiency. More POIS is available to farm, including the Imperial Palace, near Dynasty Shipyard, and Malevolence, in Eden’s Grove.
Overall, positive changes. The New World PTR is now available for testing. The New World blog has more information about the PRTR changelog.

New World PTR Patch Notes – Test the Winter Convergence Festival, and more
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