Your Next Device Might Not Play PUBG Mobile

Your Next Device Might Not Play PUBG Mobile

Your Next Device Might Not Play PUBG Mobile

Your Next Device Might Not Play PUBG Mobile

Mobile technology is growing in popularity. You can compare the original iPhone games to the modern Apple devices today. They are leaps and bounds better graphically and more technologically advanced. Imagine what could go wrong if your next device couldn’t play or PUBG Mobile. Say you dropped your current phone down the toilet, you live paycheck-to-paycheck, and all you can afford is some big-buttoned handset that can’t do anything but call, text, and play a polyphonic ringtone. It would make sense. What if your next phone had more power than your current phone but couldn’t play or PUBG Mobile? How did that happen? Protocol banning new players in the game.

On December 14, 2021, PUBG mobile announced the device ban feature that players have asked for years. Tencent’s mobile battle royale is popular with millions of players. Still, it’s viewed as infested by cheaters who use third-party tools and hacks to gain an unfair advantage, quickly scale leaderboards and defeat opponents they shouldn’t be able to see. Cheat sellers are motivated to make money, and cheaters are determined to win. This creates a vicious circle of supply and demand that continues to decimate the legitimate player base, making it impossible to fight back.

Tencent has been trying for years to solve the cheating scandal in the game. It bans accounts by tens of thousands, adds new features such as DeathReplay to highlight hackers and even collaborates with the police to detain those who sell and make cheats. The company has now turned off the kill switch. Cheaters would have had their accounts closed in the past. It would be a fair and reasonable punishment to those who had invested serious money and time into their accounts. It’s an easy way to get a second chance for cheaters. You can play for free.

Although the device ban is not the best solution, it’s far better than nothing. Concerned users on the Mobile subreddit pointed out that a Device Ban feature could mean your next phone cannot run the game. It may not be because the device isn’t capable of rendering it but because its previous owner might have used it to cheat and then pawned it off after it was blocklisted. Tencent staff responded to these concerns by advising users to not “buy used devices if they plan to play PUBG Mobile or try PUBG Mobile before purchasing it.

The market for second-hand phones is vast. The market for second-hand phones is huge. Given the unlikely possibility that anyone can hold a device and install Mobile before purchasing the device in question, it’s possible to block a buyer from playing the game due to the bad decisions made by the previous user. In countries where PUBG Mobile is very popular, there is a greater chance of someone being blocked from the game.

Although a PUBG Mobile device ban might seem like an all-encompassing solution to the game’s hacker problem, it could be just the beginning of something else. Tencent’s most popular game is in danger of losing another player.

Your Next Device Might Not Play PUBG Mobile
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