This December, six new Path of Exile events will be launched

This December, six new Path of Exile events will be launched

This December, six new Path of Exile events will be launched

This December, six new Path of Exile events will be launched

Grinding Gear Games announced the end of year celebrations in Path of Exile. The developers offer some new twists on the standard POE gameplay, so there is a lot to look forward to. This is all we know about the Path of Exile events happening in December.

Events on the Path of Exile

This December has six events. Each event offers a different view of the game. Some events are more relaxed and take advantage of existing mechanics, while others provide new ideas. Players will be eligible to win an Atlantis Mystery Box for every ten-day event as long as they reach Level 50. This will make it a merry Christmas More, the Demigod’s Authority will be awarded to the highest-ranked Ascendencey class players. Twitch Drops are also available.

Below is a table with descriptions of Path of Exile events.

Endless Delve into the Path of Exile

The Path of Exile Endless Delve lets players dive into the Azurite mine. Players will not progress through the game by doing the usual acts. Instead, you will explore an endless abundance and level up, discovering new experiences around every cavern, ledge, or dark space.

This is not a new game mode. It is a return to the original PoE Endless Delve build. You might find the game slightly different than expected. Reddit users claim that the game features Endless Delve uniques, available for all classes. Have more information about the Endless Delve content.

Zizarian’s Gauntlet

One of the most well-known streamers in Path of Exile is Zizarian. He runs his own game, the Zizarian Gauntlet. This is a monster-slaying tournament. Expect strong monsters this time, which will present a challenge. You must kill as many bosses and monsters as possible to accumulate points.

Endless Heist

Endless Heist, a new game mode, allows players to skip the traditional levelling campaign. Instead, players will use the Heist mechanic, which was introduced several seasons ago. The Heist mechanic is infinite this season, so players will have to play Payday 2 or similar. You can use your stealth, awareness, and hazard detection to your benefit. You will lose your progress if you fail or die. Only the bold and brave will survive.

Atlas Invasion

Atlas Invasion, a new game mode similar to the Endless Heist mode, can be played. This mode allows players to explore the world and find map bosses in every corner of Wraeclast. This game is campaign+ and has a different feel than the regular gameplay.

Delirium everywhere

Delirium Everywhere, a new POE event – can you see a trend? Instead of snow, the land is covered with thick Delirium. This makes it more complex, and there are more monsters in the Delirium’s dankest areas. Wraeclast will look quite different this time of the year.

Path of Exile: Royale

The game mode that we all have been waiting for is finally here. This was initially intended to be an April Fools joke, but it was truly unique. Twitch Rivals saw the return of PoE Royale when the Scourge mechanic was introduced. Players will now have the opportunity to play the game and even try the BR mode. The gameplay will not return for three days. We recommend that you take a look at our POE events table.

This December, six new Path of Exile events will be launched
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