The Must-Play Content FFXIV You Must Finish Before (or After!) Endwalker

The Must-Play Content FFXIV You Must Finish Before (or After!) Endwalker

The Must-Play Content FFXIV You Must Finish Before (or After!) Endwalker

The Must-Play Content FFXIV You Must Finish Before (or After!) Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV has been designed so that you can only experience the main story, along with the dungeons or trials. If you only played MSQ, you’d still be able to enjoy a good chunk of the game and get to Endwalker. There is much more to the FFXIV world — many of which are legitimately high-quality S-tier optional contents that the FFXIVteam puts as much effort into than the primary questline.

Side quests and raids are used to tell rich and compelling stories that enhance your knowledge of FFXIV. Here you will find information on many aspects of the game’s world-state and the cultures that make it up. Many new and old characters take the spotlight to provide insights into FFXIV‘s history and create memorable moments. These stories also contain some of the most memorable boss fights. This content can be a lot of fun.

Endwalker has arrived. I recommend that you tie up any loose ends before heading off to the moon. These questlines will make the Endwalker experience more meaningful by including story threads. It would help if you also took your time. You can also return to optional content after you have finished Endwalker.

Below is a short list of crucial optional content that we have compiled. This list should be used regardless of your FFXIV level. Most of the content is familiar to long-time players. However, if something is missing, we are here to help. You’re likely to leave FFXIV feeling more connected to the world and perhaps even better informed about the plot points.

Bahamut’s Binding Coils

The Beginning Quest: The Primal Awakening (from Grainger).
Waking Sands (Thanalan)
Requirements Finish The Realm Reborn

This is the first 8-player raid series of A Realm Reborn. It is also profoundly rooted in FFXIV legend, especially our understanding of the events at the end of FFXIV 1.0. This was when FFXIV 1.0 was destroyed by the moon Dalamud. It is pretty awe-inspiring to explore the remains of Bahamut, Dalamud, and the exact things that decimated the realm and brought on the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

You follow Alisaie as she takes you through each raid while she gives you perspective on the Allagan technology you find. This is a great way to learn about and appreciate Louisoix, the grandpa of the twins, who gave his life to stop the destruction caused by Dalamud.

It’s pretty challenging to complete as a synced party, even though it’s a level 50 raid series. It’s also impossible to start the Duty Finder. To complete the Binding Coils, you will need to either assemble or locate a custom party. You’ll probably do it unsync for simplicity. If you are interested in rich lore, you can do them unsyncably with just one or two friends. As a level 80 player, many of the Turns (distinct phases in the raid series) can be solved without any sync. Some Turns require at least one small party to deal with mechanics that can cause party wipes.

The entire series can be broken into three parts: the Binding Coil Of Bahamut, The Second Coil Of Bahamut, and The Final Coil Of Bahamut. The first contains five Turns, while the other four have four. This gives rise to 13 raid instances.

Alexander Raids

Beginning Quest: Disarmed
Location: Idyllshire, Dravania (x: 7.0, y: 6.0)
Requirements: Finish Heavensward

Biggs and Wedge and Cid of Garland Ironworks have a great time. Alexander, the giant mechanized robot in the Dravanian Hinterlands river, serves as the center stage for the eight-player raid series Heavensward. It tells the story of Mide, an Au Ra girl who goes rogue, and a group called the Illuminati of pirate Goblins. It also contains perfect time travel nonsense, which is heavily referenced in The Twinning, everyone’s favorite Dungeon.

You will be able to explore the various parts of Alexander and battle through many imaginative bosses in this raid series. You’ll discover some surprising truths and revelations as you work your way into Alexander’s heart. You’ll be able to avoid destruction by using the power of a primal like Alexander. Also, you will find the Enigma Codex. This bittersweet story will help broaden your understanding of FFXIVlore. You can also enjoy a lot of great tunes from the entire raid series, including the ska-inspired Brute Justice.

These can be run by simply matching up in Duty Finder. Your party can easily take down raid bosses even if you are at synced level 60.

The Must-Play Content FFXIV You Must Finish Before (or After!) Endwalker
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