Stranger Things 4 will be the biggest hit in Netflix history

Stranger Things 4 will be the biggest hit in Netflix history

Stranger Things could soon surpass Squid Game and become the most-watched Netflix series of all time. Variety reports that the series is now the second most-watched series on Netflix, with over a billion hours of viewing.

Stranger Things 4 is the latest Netflix series with more than a billion hours of watched. Since May 27, the season’s first episode aired, viewers have spent over 1.15 billion hours viewing all nine episodes, with 301 million watching the finale.

Squid Game was the only series to surpass the one billion hour mark. Stranger Things is on the verge of becoming Netflix’s biggest success and is not far behind. Recall that Stranger Things season 4 already holds the record for most-watched show in one week.

Also, the old seasons of Stranger Things were a huge hit
The anticipation for Season 4 has probably sparked interest from audiences unfamiliar with Stranger Things since all four seasons of Stranger Things were amongst the six most-watched on Netflix this weekend. Only The Umbrella Academy was able to follow. Season 1 was viewed 34.5 million times, while Season 2 & 3 were viewed 30.3 million and 3 respectively. Stranger Things’ fifth and final season is over.

The creators have already released important information about Season 5, including details on the length of the episodes, in anticipation of the sequel. Fans can also expect a spin-off series. The Duffer Brothers stated that they have heard rumors of an Elf spinoff, a Steve or Dustin spinoff, and other issues. “It’s not interesting because we’ve all done this. It was worth spending hours exploring. It’s going be different.

Stranger Things 4 will be the biggest hit in Netflix history
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