Steam Deck: Third-Party Docking Stations Fill Valve’s Hole

Steam Deck: Third-Party Docking Stations Fill Valve’s Hole

The Stream Deck is extremely popular. The demand for Valve’s handheld console has been so great that it is still not in stock nearly half a year later than its launch. However, production has increased by almost two-thirds. The official docking station has been delayed indefinitely.

Third-party providers view delays as an opportunity

Valve made the announcement in June, shortly after the dock was due to be released along with the Steam Deck in February. Although the manufacturer has been hard at work on the docking station for some time, they have not yet revealed a new date. This is a gap that third-party providers see as a potential opportunity and are eager to fill. JSAUX is a Chinese supplier for charging cables, Qi chargers, and USB docks.

Two docking stations that are based on the Valve concept

The company’s first docking station for Steam Deck was launched in June. A limited number of units sold quickly. The “docking station to steam decks” product is essentially the same as the original Valve docking system: the handheld console is mounted on a stand and connected via USB-C to the station.

This charges the Steamdeck via USB power delivery at 45 watts. In theory, it could be up to 100 watts. The docking station also offers an HDMI 2.0 connection (upto 3840×2160 pixels at 60 Hertz), two USB A connections according to generation 2.0, and an RJ45 connection for the Ethernet connection.

JSAUX has introduced an upgraded version, the Upgraded Docking Station Steamdeck. The new model has three USB-A ports. These USB-A ports enable higher data transfer rates, and can be used for input devices as well as external hard drives. Gigabit Ethernet is also a new feature. Although the price of the first version is still available, it goes up to 40 to 50 dollars.

Shipping in Europe: Available in Europe in 2 weeks

JSAUX claims “free worldwide shipping” for orders over 25 US dollars. However, shipping to Europe can take up to two weeks. Buyers should note that doesn’t take responsibility for any taxes or duties, and does not assume liability for shipping.

Steam Deck: Third-Party Docking Stations Fill Valve’s Hole
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