Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 And Surface Pro 8 Images Leaked

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 And Surface Pro 8 Images Leaked

A leaked prototype for Microsoft Surface Pro 8 was available earlier and was sold on eBay. The Surface Pro X 2020 was announced by Microsoft at the beginning of October. A new product, Laptop Go, arrived in Europe in November and October. Two important names were missing from the appeal: Surface Laptop 4 (Pro 8), and Surface Laptop 4 (Pro 8). It is easy to see why Redmond had to change its plans.

We don’t have any official information, not even a rough one on when Microsoft will present them. We have not seen the Laptop 4 even though the Surface Pro 8 did at least show a prototype on eBay. Up to today, two images have been posted by user-friendly planes on Twitter that should depict the devices.

Colleagues from WindowsCentral reconstructed the images as functional shots in order to get a certification for marketing on Korean markets. The Surface Laptop 4 and Pro 8 images are shown on the left. In both cases, there is no change to the minimalist design that characterized previous versions. It is possible that the aesthetics of the device have not changed. Who knows? Maybe the screen’s bezels could thinned. The air is clear, however, that there are no hardware updates.

The certification process is indicative that a product is near launch. Again, according to WindowsCentral Microsoft would have set it up for the beginning 2021 and exactly in January – along with a black version of Surface Go 2. Laptop 4 will be equipped with the 11th generation Intel processors and Iris Xe graphics. An AMD option should also remain possible.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 And Surface Pro 8 Images Leaked
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