Just Shapes & Beats IOS/APK Download
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Just Shapes & Beats IOS/APK Download

Just Shapes & Beats IOS/APK Download

Just Shapes & Beats IOS/APK Download

Just Shapes and Beats Game Overview

This game can be described as a rhythm bullet hell game. It goes along with festival-style songs.

“Just Shapes & Beats”, a chaotic cooperative musical hell, is based on three simple principles: Avoid Shapes, Move to the kick-ass Beats and Die, repeatedly.

This is a new twist on SHMUP, adding a layer of cooperation to the game’s core: Because everything is better when you have friends.

You can play alone or with as many as four people, online or local, using the Story Mode and Challenge Runs.

Just Shapes & Beats IOS/APK Download for Android & IOS

Features of Just Shapes and Beats:

  • Music for your ears and hands
    Do you like music? SO. DO. WE. We have 35 stages handcrafted with licensed tracks by over 20 chiptune artists and EDM artists. You will be able to hear the hits like a brick right into your ears and eyeballs.
  • Friends make everything better
  • Get together your friends and play up to 4 players co-op, or drop-in, drop-out. You can either have a party on your couch, or you can host an online party. Are you not a friend or have friends that are? We gotcha my dudes, make new friends or have better relationships by taking part in a few online challenges. Let’s pick our new best friends for the next hour; strangers are just friends that you haven’t yet met. You’re a lone wolf. Your back hurts from carrying others, so you would rather play with your own friends.
  • There is something for everyone
  • There are many game options to choose from! Story mode is a great way to learn with the intermediate-ish tracks. The casual mode can be used as an option. Challenge Runs lets you prove your skill by playing through randomly selected tracks. Do you need a training montage?
  • Paaartyyyy
    Your party’s soundtrack! Party Mode lets you let the game play and brighten up your social gatherings. + You can have people playing cool party stages while the music plays if that’s what they like.

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Just Shapes & Beats IOS/APK Download



Just Shapes & Beats IOS/APK Download
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