How to transcribe voice notes with Telegram Premium

How to transcribe voice notes with Telegram Premium

Telegram Premium has a feature that allows you to easily transcribe voice notes and convert them into text.

Telegram Premium offers advanced features that enable us to get more from the messaging platform. You can purchase voice memo transcription for 5.49 euros per monthly. This converts all audio received on Telegram and any that you send into text.

This Telegram Premium transcription feature is very helpful if you don’t enjoy listening to audio for long periods of time or can’t hear them loud enough. It’s so fascinating that Telegram is able to surpass WhatsApp with it. Next we will see how Telegram Premium allows you to transcribe voice notes. Telegram Premium allows you to transcribe voice notes.

Telegram Premium: How to transcribe voice notes

Telegram Premium allows you to transcribe any voice message, no matter who sent it or received it. Telegram will show you the transcript by clicking the button below the voice memo. You can transcribe voice notes using Telegram Premium by following these steps:

  • Start a Telegram conversation.
  • Locate the voice memo that you wish to transcribe, and tap the button with the Arrow and the A at the right.
  • Wait for the transcript to show. To hide it, tap the up arrow located to the right side of the voice memo.
  • You can also evaluate the transcript as an option to improve Telegram. To open a menu of options, tap on the transcript. You can confirm that the transcription was done by using the fingers buttons up and down.

The transcript will appear below the voice note by simply touching the button next to it. The length of the audio will determine how long it takes for the text to appear. You will need to wait for the transcript to appear if it is a long voice memo.

We have found that the Telegram transcription tool is not perfect. To help improve each transcript, it is essential that you Evaluate it. It is an excellent function that allows us to find the voice of a voice message even though it has some flaws. How to convert WhatsApp audio to text, without having to play it or mark it as read. WhatsApp does not have a native function that allows users to transcribe voice messages. You can convert WhatsApp audios into text with a third-party app, which you can download free of charge.

How to transcribe voice notes with Telegram Premium
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