Halo Infinite Fans Want Classic Mode To Return

Halo Infinite

Many Halo Infinite fans are asking 343 Industries to bring back Spartan Ops mode from Halo 4. However, Halo Infinite remains focused on delivering the features promised upon its release.

343 Industries has come under heavy criticism in the Halo community over the last few years, particularly with their removal of fan-favorite modes and maps from Halo Infinite Season 3. While this move did help restore fan confidence in a developer who desperately needs it right now. While their roadmap appears solid and most players who remain engaged seem satisfied with where the game is heading, 343 Industries may find that being “generally satisfied” won’t be enough to sustain it for long.

Reddit users shared their memories of Spartan Ops in a post asking for its return. While some were critical of using campaign levels from Halo 4 as inspiration, there was acceptance that any version of Halo Infinite could create new levels with the Forge tool that would surpass all previous ones. Although initially unpopular, this mode now appears to have been an excellent idea – its continuous narrative events repeat over multiple episodes are very similar to live-service models used by many multiplayer games in 2023 – an astonishing development for a game released back in 2012.


Since Halo Infinite’s launch, fans have been asking for Spartan Ops to return. Unfortunately, 343 Industries has yet to mention it in recent years and there has been no official confirmation that this mode will return with Halo Infinite. While it would make an ideal addition, further exploration may need to take place once higher priority games are complete.

Spartan Ops remains a distant dream for many Halo Infinite gamers, yet it holds plenty of exciting things in store for dedicated followers. Recently leaked information indicated that Infection will return as part of Halo Infinite’s narrative event. Creators are still learning about Forge mode and its potential combination with custom browsers could ensure players keep coming back to Halo Infinite in droves.

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