Halo Infinite Vocal Actors – Who has a gift of the gab?

Halo Infinite Vocal Actors - Who has a gift of the gab?

Halo Infinite Vocal Actors – Who has the gift of the gab?

Are Master Chief’s one-liners making you weak at the knees, or do they make you feel weak? Who is the one who provides his voice? What else has he done? He has had a distinguished career as a voice-over artist.

The English Voice Over Wikia has compiled a comprehensive list of who said what in Halo Infinite.

Steve Downes is back as the Master Chief, having voiced him in many other installments of the classic gaming franchise.

Jen Taylor returns as Cortana. However, if you are new to Halo, you may think that you know her from Left4Dead. This is one of my favorite Halo games. Jen was also Princess Peach in Mario Party and Princess Daisy.

You can find a complete list of voices for each character here.

Halo Infinite Voiceover Actors

Steve Downes – The Master Chief/John117
Jen Taylor – The Weapon, Cortana and Dr. Halsey
Echo-216 – Nicolas Roye
Bruce Thomas, Master Chief (Performance).
War Chief Escharum – Darin De Paul
Atriox – Ike Amadi
Harbinger – Debra Wilson
Jega ‘Rdomnai – Noshir Dalal
Tremonius – Brian Sommer
Bassus – Chris Swindle
Chak ‘Lok Spartan Horvath, Fred Tatasciore
Tovarus – Keith Szarabajka
Hyperius, Spartan Sorel Imari Williams
Despondent Pyre – Sarah Elmaleh
Ray Chase – Adjutant Resolution
Mother – Julie McNiven
Aria Towner, Child
Spartan Stone – Krizia Bajos
Spartan Makovich – Zehra Fazal
Spartan Griffin – Andrew Kishino
Captain Thomas Lasky – Darren O’Hare
Pete Stacker – Keyes
Spartan Vettel-Scott Whyte
Multiplayer Announcer – Jeff Steitzer
Commander Laurette – Suzie McGrath
Glibnub, Superintendent – Joseph Staten

Additional Voices

Aidan Bristow
Ray Chase
Sean Chiplock
Jacob Craner
Robbie Daymond
Lucien Dodge
Andromeda Dunker
Sarah Elmaleh
David Forseth
Erika Ishii
Mara Junot
Matt Kaminsky
JP Karlik
Mickey Kelly
Kelsey Lansdowne
Alec Lawless
Cherami Leigh
Austin Lee Matthews
Jason Charles Miller
Melanie Minichino
Dave Mitchell
Andrew Morgado
Julie Nathanson
Roxana Ortega
Donovan Patton
Zeno Robinson
Rachel Rosenbloom
Isaac Singleton
Julian Stone
Patrick Steitz
Aria Towner
Kari Wahlgren
Rick Wasserman
Matthew Waterson]

Halo Infinite Vocal Actors – Who has a gift of the gab?
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