Escape from Tarkov 12.12 Patch Notes (12/12)
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Escape from Tarkov 12.12 Patch Notes (12/12)

Escape from Tarkov 12.12 Patch Notes (12/12)

Escape from Tarkov 12.12 Patch Notes (12/12)

Today (12/12/12) Escape from Tarkov developers Battlestate Games announced the new patch notes update 12.12 which will be available to players today.

Developers also reminded fans that this patch will bring about a server wipe, which will reset your progress.

There are many changes in the 12.12 Update, including the addition of the Lighthouse location. However, this is only one. You’ll also find a variety of bug fixes and tweaks. Some are small and some make a significant impact on the overall economy of the game. It is recommended that players take the time to read through the patch notes.

EFT 12.12 Update Notes (December 12).

Below are the most recent patch notes for Escape From Tarkov. They were released December 12.

These patch notes were posted by the developer to their official website.

Before they can proceed, players will need to install the update via the game launcher.

12.12 Update Patch Notes

Key changes:

1. The Lighthouse location was added. The Cape Dalniy lighthouse was an important strategic landmark on the road to Tarkov. It was used as a base of operations and entry point by USEC units during Contract Wars. Scavs began to take a liking to the place after the conflict. The old owners returned and decided to return to Tarkov to establish their own order.

This is the first version of this location. The territory will expand in the future and will feature new Bosses.

2. The Lighthouse will have a new AI type, ex operatives from the USEC. Also known as Rogues, they are a group of ex-PMCs that used to work together. They are well-armed and well-trained, and they use coordinated combat tactics. Although they share similar interests as the Raiders, they have merged around a common military past.

Rogue USECs have seized control of the water treatment plant and are now firmly established there. Numerous fighters are stationed around the perimeter to protect the area. The guards use suppressive fire to stop the enemy from entering their territory if they detect an enemy in a fire area or suspect that there may be one.

These bots have become more lenient towards USEC PMC. They won’t open fire on a USEC player unless he attempts to enter their territory. If the player is caught too close to them, they will give an order for him to leave and if he doesn’t comply, he will be shot. If a USEC player is with a BEAR PMC they will both be considered hostile and attacked without warning.

A USEC player who engages in combat with the Rogues will be treated as hostile and considered a traitor for the next few raids.

3. Inertia was added to the game to allow for more realistic movement. These are some examples of where inertia can manifest itself:

  • Walking and strafing
  • Sprinting
  • sharp turns during sprinting
  • Landing after falling or jumping from a height
  • Sidestepping and leaning

The equipment’s weight and Strength skill level determine the inertial force. The Strength skill level will be lower the more heavy your equipment is.

  • The longer it takes for you to accelerate at the beginning of movement (walk strafe sprint),
  • The longer it takes for you to slow down after you stop moving (walk, strafe or sprint).
  • The longer it takes for you to accelerate and slow down when changing direction from one to the other;
  • Sprinting in sharp turns causes your speed to drop.
  • The stronger and more powerful movements speed after landing from a height jump or fall decreases.
  • The slower you are able to lean, the more you can return to your normal position after leaning. Sidestep.

For characters with Elite Strength level, the inertial force is increased from 0 to 10 kg equipment weight. Maximum inertial force is reached with 70 kg equipment weight for characters of Strength level 0, and 80 kg for Elite Strength level characters.

4. Extend crouching, and lifting mechanics. The duration of these actions will depend on how much weight overload the character has. The amount of stamina used for getting up is dependent on how high the character stands.

5. Expanded the weapon mechanics malfunctions. Weapons can now be misfired.

  • Failure to eject after firing – the cartridge becomes jammed by the bolt, partially visible in the port for ejection. This problem can be traced back to the technical state of the weapon.
  • Failure to feed – After firing, problems arise with the cartridge feed. Rounds can get stuck in the mechanism of the weapon or cartridge case. This problem is most often caused by the weapon magazine, particularly the drum and high capacity magazines. Other causes include cartridge characteristics, weapon heat, and technical condition.
  • Jammed bolt – the bolt becomes jammed after firing. There are two types of jamming: normal or hard. There is only one difference: the time taken to troubleshoot. Overheating the weapon or the technical condition of the weapon can be the cause of a jammed bolt. Hard jamming is only possible at low levels of technical condition (5% or less).

New weapons with durability greater than 93% cannot have malfunctions, except for overheating.

Certain types of weapons are not able to have certain malfunctions because of their design or operation mechanism.

To fix the malfunction, first determine its type. You can inspect the malfunctioning weapon using the weapon inspection hotkey.

Characters who have the Elite level Troubleshooting skill can detect any type of malfunction immediately, and they don’t need to inspect the weapon.

After events or actions that are related to malfunctions (malfunction occurrences, determining the type, fixing a dysfunction), a colored notification is displayed and a sound signal played. You can disable these notifications and sounds in your game settings by unchecking “Malfunction notifications”.

6. The game now includes the Weapon Overheating and other effects.

After each shot, weapons heat up. The temperature of each shot will vary depending on the cartridge, barrel, and other heating-related elements (receivers muzzle devices, handguards etc.). ).

The weapon’s temperature is constant, and this is in contrast to heating. The barrel and other cooling elements (receivers muzzle devices, handguards etc.) also affect the cooling rate. ).

You can monitor the visual state of your barrel and muzzle devices to determine the degree of overheating. In ascending order, there are four stages to overheating. Each stage of heat can have new and more severe consequences.

  • A slight overheating is when the weapon is heated but not reddening the barrel or muzzle devices. The barrel, muzzle and handguard are heated. There is also possible mirage (heat cloud) from the barrel or muzzle devices.
  • Medium overheating – The weapon is heated. Reddening of the barrels and muzzle devices can be seen. These effects include a decrease in accuracy, increased malfunction chances, increased wear, and a reduction in the weapon’s maximum durability during firing.
  • Extreme overheating: The weapon’s temperature is extremely high, and the barrel as well as the muzzle devices are hot. Possible cooking-off chance, weapon’s fire rate changes.
  • Maximum overheating – When this level is reached, a malfunction takes place – the bolt becomes jammed.

7. Improvements in the mechanics and ballistics of external ammunition. When calculating flight trajectory and energy, it is now possible to take into account the bullet weight, initial velocity, bullet diameter, shape, and ballistic coefficient. In the past, only the bullet weight and initial velocity were considered.

This made it possible to get maximum correspondence with real-life data. The loss of any type of damage depending on distance and the impact of bullet velocity change on damage and penetration have been corrected. The drop in damage for 5.45×39 was approximately 20% at 150m distance. However, if the barrel is longer, which increases the velocity and damages, the penetrative capabilities and damage are also increased. It is important to understand that not all ammunition has data or are incomplete. These ammunitions will be modified as soon as the data is available.


Escape from Tarkov 12.12 Patch Notes (12/12)
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