boyfriend Dungeon Has Immaculate Vibes | Best Games of 2021
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boyfriend Dungeon Has Immaculate Vibes | Best Games of 2021

boyfriend Dungeon Has Immaculate Vibes | Best Games of 2021

boyfriend Dungeon Has Immaculate Vibes | Best Games of 2021

Talking about games within the context of “best of” lists often boils down into a discussion about which game has the best graphics or the most enjoyable shooting experience. Sometimes, these conversations overlook the fact that some games are just a pleasure to be in. Combining a captivating soundtrack, a distinct, memorable world, charming character design, and a premise that stands out from its more generic peers can result in a game that is remembered well after the year ends. With its captivating pop music and glamorous-glam looks in 2019, Sayonara Wild Hearts was the winner of the Best Vibes category. Paradise Killer won the 2020 prize with its mix of open-world murder mysteries and vaporwave aesthetic. Boyfriend Dungeon wins the prize for best vibes this year.

Boyfriend Dungeon is a cleverly simple concept. It’s half dating sim and half dungeon crawler. The title, which is only two words long, emphasizes this simple symmetry. The game can be played in either Boyfriend or Dungeon modes. Unique about the game is how it combines these two halves. Some people can transform into weapons for no reason. You can team up with a romantic partner who can transform into a scythe to take down some monsters. What else can you do to determine if you are compatible?

For those who aren’t looking for romantic partners, Boyfriend Dungeon allows you to choose your gender and pronouns and allow you to use them in-game. Boyfriend Dungeon is serious about its internal relationships and places consent and comfort first and foremost. Boyfriend Dungeon is a game about interacting with someone and fighting off monsters together. The Twitter discussion about the game seems to have deliberately missed the point of having a bad guy in a dating sim.

They’re fun and diverse partners that you can match with. There are Sunder the bad boy, Isaac the businessman, Rowan, an occult recluse with a talking raven sidekick and Valeria, anarchist artist, and Seven the K-Pop badboy. Each romance option is a fully-developed character with a unique relationship dynamic. This makes them feel more than just a random choice. Each member of the group is unique and friendly, making it a fun time to meet up with cool friends.

Boyfriend Dungeon’s dungeons aren’t as varied (there are only 2), but they are both full of great detail and sleek design. The excursions will feel like fun dates at an amusement park with your partner.

Boyfriend Dungeon’s soundtrack is the best source of its stellar vibes. This trance-like West Coast pop has a lot of dizzying tunes that would be great for a late-night party, or for blasting out from a car stereo as you cruise down the beach at night. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the beats to make your summer vacation a breeze.

Boyfriend Dungeon is a sort of the opposite of last year’s smash-hit Hades. It was primarily an action game, with a few romance/narrative elements. Boyfriend Dungeon is a departure from that formula. You’re here to build love connections and hack-and-slash through haunted malls is the best way to get started. Boyfriend Dungeon deserves every praise, even if it’s compared to last year’s almost universal GOTY.

boyfriend Dungeon Has Immaculate Vibes | Best Games of 2021
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