What Software Does VOD Platforms Require?

What Software Does VOD Platforms Require?

Let’s say you’re interested in starting your own service. You would like to launch your own streaming video platform, such as Netflix. You want to make a platform that allows people to access prerecorded videos whenever they wish. You may be wondering what software or other tools you will need to accomplish this. This article will answer that question.

What software is required to launch a VOD service in your country?


An OTT Middleware is essential. This software will allow you to manage all aspects of the platform. It allows you to manage subscribers, monetization models and content, as well as extract analytics data. It will also help you to define your user interface.

OTT Middleware is core software for the entire platform. The company that develops it determines its functionality. Here are some functions you might find useful:

  • Monetization functionality. Verify that the solution can work with SSAI. This is a popular way to generate revenue on video streaming platforms. Many video streaming platforms allow their users to view their content for free if they use an advertisement-based monetization model. If you are looking to make money via a subscription or pay per view basis, check that the solution offers such functionality.
  • OTT analytics. Analytics is vital for any business. Analytics will allow you to understand how users interact with your platform. It will show you which videos are most popular and which videos are not. Analytics gives you insight into user behavior and content performance. Analytics is crucial for business growth because it allows you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your platform.
  • Customization. A customization feature should be considered by the video streaming solution developer. Video streaming businesses should be able to choose their own fonts and colors to communicate the brand they are associated with. It helps content creators standout.

To grow your business and reach more markets, it is worth checking if the company offers the following:

OTT apps

Your audience won’t use your website if it only has videos that are accessible via a browser. You can make their lives easier by creating applications for your video streaming business.

Apps will let people watch videos on all devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs. OTT apps allow viewers to view movies and shows from any location with an Internet connection.

More people use just one or two devices. You can have a smartphone or a laptop. A person may prefer to watch videos in HD on a Smart TV. You will reach more people and generate more income by implementing OTT applications.

CDN Content Delivery Network

If you plan to travel internationally or cover new areas, you will need a CDN. The CDN can help you deliver videos around the world, giving viewers a seamless experience.

CDN will send videos fast even during high traffic times. Videos with low latency will be viewed by the public.

You should also consider adding subtitles to videos and localizing all pages on the platform.


An OTT Middleware is essential for the launch of a VOD service. It is the heart of any video streaming platform. However, if you are looking to scale and grow your video streaming business, you will need to implement applications and CDN.

What Software Does VOD Platforms Require?
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