Verdun iOS/APK Download
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Verdun iOS/APK Download

Verdun iOS/APK Download

Verdun iOS/APK Download

Overview Verdun

Verdun is a tactical, squad-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game. It was set in World War II at, a distant historical French city.

The 1916 Battle of France inspired the game. You can play up to 64 people simultaneously, with 32 players per side.

You can fight the battle with different teams, each having a fixed role or task. The squad leader will be designated as an NCO.

You can also play the role of NCO and assist other squads with a variety of tasks, such as killing enemies, capturing sectors, destroying bases, and other similar tasks.

lets you play the NCO role, supporting the various operations of your squad such as laying down barrages and creeping barrages.

Verdun iOS/APK Download

You will also have advanced passive capabilities such as resisting or suppressing an enemy in the most efficient way.

You will receive the pistol as an NCO, along with other melee weapons like trench jerks or sabers.

As the war is at the edge of Verdun, you will be given bolt action rifles and advanced melee weapons as well as revolvers, semiautomatic machine guns, and grenades.

It is an action and strategy game that combines four game modes, namely Frontlines and Attrition Warfare as well as Squad Defense and Rifle Deathmatch.

These modes allow you to play at historical sites and offer more advanced weapons than the others. This allows you to exert your influence on the entire world.

Verdun Free Download

  • Locations in WWII
  • Advanced Weapons
  • There are 4 game modes.
  • Influence over the Whole World

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How to Install Verdun on Mobile

1:: Download Game
2:: Extract Game
3:: Launch The Game
4:: Have Fun


Verdun iOS/APK Download



Verdun iOS/APK Download
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