TSMC Performed Well In the Last Quarter Despite Constraints

TSMC Performed Well In the Last Quarter Despite Constraints

Nearly 44 percent more sales than a previous year and more than 76 per cent more profit. There are no signs that there is a slowdown at TSMC . Each business area saw a quarter-to-quarter comparison. The PC segment is back on top, while the 5nm nodes have made significant progress.

No crash is visible despite the headwind

CC Wei, CEO, TSMC, stated that the year will be a good one. The demand will outpace the supply throughout the year. This forecast will be unchanged despite some inventory adjustments and uncertainty at certain companies. TSMC expects a long-term growth rate of 15 to 20% per annum and doesn’t anticipate a crash similar to 2008. Due to equipment shortages, the company wants to delay some of its planned expenditures from 2022-2023. This year’s CAPEX will fall between the $40 billion and $44 billion forecasts.

It goes up again for a brief moment. The current third quarter is expected to see sales of up to 20.6 billion. High margins should also be maintained. This is evidently due to the upcoming wave in new products for both the PC and smartphone sectors. TSMC has pre-manufactured a large number of N5 wafers during the second quarter. This has resulted in an increase in inventory. These will soon be redeemed.

Very good last quarter

TSMC reported a revenue of $18.158 million and a net loss of over $8 billion for the second quarter. This represents a 43.5 percent increase in sales and 76.4% in net profit over the same period last years. TSMC now represents 21 percent of wafers, N5 chip sales and all N7-based offshoots account for 30 percent. This mix continues to propel the PC segment forward with 43 percent of the sales in the last quarter coming from this segment.

Earnings by platform (Image TSMC). Sales by technology (Image TSMC). There are no new products for N3E and N2 production phases. However, the most recent status of the latest production options is only a few days old. Sales will be supported by N3 for the first time in 2023. Production is expected to begin at the end 2022. Expect higher prices for these products than N5 solutions. ComputerBase reports on TSMC’s strategies.

TSMC Performed Well In the Last Quarter Despite Constraints
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