Transport Fever 2 Download for Android & IOS
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Transport Fever 2 Download for Android & IOS

Transport Fever 2 Download for Android & IOS

Transport Fever 2 Download for Android & IOS

Transport Fever 2 Free Download

Transport Fever 2 is a transport simulation game that redefines the genre. Navigate transport routes on land, water, and air to discover a new world.

May there be progress and prosperity. Provide the infrastructure for transport and make a fortune by providing custom-made transportation services.

Your trains and buses run on rails. Your trucks and buses thunder down roads. Your ships and boats power through the water. And your planes fly through the sky. Transport people to work and play and you will help cities thrive.

Transport Fever 2: Features

Here are some incredible features that Transport Fever 2 Free download can offer. Please note that features can vary depending on whether your computer supports them.

  • Play for free with many configuration options
  • Three campaigns on three continents, with more than 20 hours of playtime
  • Editors to create maps and edit saved games
  • There are three types of landscapes: tropical, dry, or moderate.
  • Vehicles from Europe, America, and Asia that are realistically modeled
  • There are more than 200 vehicles in total: buses, trains, streetcars, and trucks, as well as aircraft and ships.
  • Modular train stations, buses and truck stations, airports, and harbors
  • Simulated real-time transport simulation, including one-way streets as well as light signals
  • Realistic effects with editable and paintable terrain
  • Use intuitive construction tools to build railroads and other infrastructures
  • On separate layers, display important data like traffic and emissions
  • Simulated city and dynamic economy
  • More than ten economic chains with associated factories or goods
  • Many buildings in cities are residential, commercial, and industrial.
  • A detailed game world with physics-based lighting
  • Individually simulating land animals, birds, and fish
  • Free play mode: Over 50 challenges
  • Steam Workshop: Extensive modding assistance

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How to Install Transport Fever 2 on Mobile

  • It is strongly recommended to disable any security or antivirus program before extracting or installation of the game.
  • Extract the zip file using WinRAR or WinZip or by default Windows command.
  • Open Installer and accept the terms and then install the game.
  • If you still need help you can always ask for help on our Contact Us page.


Transport Fever 2 Download for Android & IOS



Transport Fever 2 Download for Android & IOS
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