The Universim Download for Android & IOS
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The Universim Download for Android & IOS

The Universim Download for Android & IOS

The Universim Download for Android & IOS

The Universim Game Overview

You can lead lives that span time and rule a planet. Your leadership will allow you to become an empire or a god in all of the universe and control the species that depend on you.

You can immediately start managing your planets while you guide a civilization through all the ages.

You can become the greatest empire in The Universim. This is a new God Game by Crytivo. It is your time. You can watch them grow and progress through the ages from humble beginnings.

You can influence their decisions and punish those who are not faithful with a variety of godly abilities. You can interact with objects and create disasters. This is your world and you can have fun.

The Nuggets are a delicate and bizarre species. They need your leadership to grow, research, and progress.

The Universim Download for Android & IOS

They will soon be writing their own story in the stars if you help them. Each Nugget is an individual with their own set of unique characteristics.

Like all living creatures, Nuggets need to have access to some essential resources to survive.

These resources include water, food, and recreational activities that will increase their happiness, quality, and quality of living.

You might also be able to blow things up as part of your recreational activities. We’ve warned you.

The Nuggets behave as natural, living creatures when you spend time with them. You will see that they have their own thoughts, and needs, and can make their own decisions.

We want you to feel like you are interacting with a living organism. It’s almost as if you’re playing with an ant farm.

Features of The Universim

  • Guide a young civilization through all the challenges of life.
  • The story of a species
  • Organic gameplay
    Nature as you know It

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The Universim Download for Android & IOS



The Universim Download for Android & IOS
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