Scrap Mechanic iOS/APK Download
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Scrap Mechanic iOS/APK Download

Scrap Mechanic iOS/APK Download

Scrap Mechanic iOS/APK Download

Game Overview

Please Note: Scrap Mechanic is still in development! We are constantly adding new content and optimizing it.

Start immediately in Survival Mode, Creative Mode, and Challenge Mode! Check out the Scrap Mechanic trailers for the most recent state of the game.

Get ready to enter Scrap Mechanic’s creative paradise! This imaginative survival game allows you to create amazing machines, have fun with friends, and defend against the evil Farmerbots.

Scrap Mechanic’s powerful creation tools allow you to create your own adventures.

They said, “Be a robot mechanic.” They said that it was easy money.

We are pretty certain that the job description did not mention a crash landing on an alien planet with thousands of robot-crazed workers.

Your situation is that you are stranded on a faraway planet with Farmbots who have lost their way in the fields. You have your tool belt fastened.

There is only one way to survive. Use your quick thinking, creativity, and wily ability to turn your environment to your advantage.

Survival Mode
Survival Mode mechanics allow you to explore an open-world dynamically generated environment full of enemies, treasure, and dangerous robotics. To protect your assets and yourself, team up with friends to build bases. Only the most inventive will survive.

Challenge Mode!
Master Mechanic Trials will test your creativity. This is a list of 40 challenging and fun challenges that every mechanic must master before they can venture out into the big wide world. You can also create your own challenges to share with friends.

Creative Mode
You can choose from more than 400+ parts to create anything you or your friends want. You can download more than 1000+ player-made building parts to your ScrapMechanic creations.

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Scrap Mechanic iOS/APK Download



Scrap Mechanic iOS/APK Download
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