One Deck Dungeon Free Download For PC

One Deck Dungeon Free Download For PC

One Deck Dungeon Free Download For PC

One Deck Dungeon Free Download For PC

One Deck Dungeon PC Game Overview:

Learn the rules to win in the dungeons. There are many ways to improve your strategy.

Adventure is what you need, but spending hours on your character sheet and inventory management is not always possible. One Deck Dungeon allows you to jump in and start smashing down doors, rolling dice, or squashing baddies with style. You get the full roguelike experience in one deck of cards and just a few dice.

One Deck Dungeon is an adventure game that involves dungeon-crawling for one or more players. You can choose from one of these five heroes each time you play: Mage – There is rarely can solve a problem in a dungeon. Warrior – Her favourite dungeon activity is squashing her opponents immediately. Rogue – Watch as she kills monsters with grace. Archer – Brilliant, precise, and catastrophically deadly. Paladin – She protects her allies and seeks out danger.

Your heroes will make progress towards unlocking 15 new talents each game. This will increase their power for future games. A game usually takes around 15 minutes once you are familiar with the dungeon. If you are starting, it might take longer. However, it will be much shorter if your goal is to jump into a pit full of spikes. My deck is filled with coloured boxes, and HEY! I don’t understand the point of all those arrows. Ugh, adventurers. So rude. It is so very rude.

One Deck Dungeon Features:

  • Dragon’s Cave: The thick-skinned Wyvern who lives in this dungeon prefers to see her heroes crispy.
  • Yeti’s Cavern – If you can withstand the freezing winds, biting cold and snowman-like conditions, this is your chance to be a Yeti.
  • Hydra’s Reef: Chop off one head, and another will appear! This evil, regenerating monstrosity is a slippery foe.
  • Lich’s Tomb: Hordes of undead enemies, evil curses and magical wards. What could go wrong?


Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS Windows Vista SP1+
  • Support for the SSE2 instruction set processor
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 300 MB available space


One Deck Dungeon Free Download For PC




One Deck Dungeon Free Download For PC
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