Major redesign: OneDrive client for Windows 11 leaked
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Major redesign: OneDrive client for Windows 11 leaked

Redmond developers Microsoft plan to release a new OneDrive client on Windows 11 very soon. The settings area was redesigned in a leaked preview build. There aren’t any new features.

The Microsoft page for the new OneDrive client has been created and can be installed on Windows 11 computers. The latest design for Noisy Windows has been adapted to the Redmond’s user interface. The OneDrive folder can be opened directly via Explorer. This program can also be used to manage available memory, change synchronization settings and link new accounts.

All features of the previous app are now available in a new app
The Windows 11 app now has a better structure. The different menu options can be accessed in the bar to the left. However, they are displayed on the right. Microsoft has not added any new features to the OneDrive client. Windows 11 users still have the option of using all existing options. It is also possible to configure OneDrive through the Windows 11 settings.

The leaked build is a preview version and should not be used for installation. The software could be unstable and data loss may occur. The release date for the final version is not yet known. You can still view the new features by using a separate device. You can download the latest build from the Dev Channel.

Major redesign: OneDrive client for Windows 11 leaked
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