Lost Planet 3 iOS/APK Download
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Lost Planet 3 iOS/APK Download

Lost Planet 3 iOS/APK Download

Lost Planet 3 iOS/APK Download

Lost Planet 3 Overview

Lost Planet 3 is a Third Person Shooter video game, which was developed by Spark Unlimited. It is published by Capcom.

This game was released on 27 August 2013. Lost Planet 3 follows Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Lost planet 2, and Lost planet 2.

These events take place long before the events in the first game, i.e. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. Jim Peython, an elderly man, is the central character of the story. Another game that you can download is XCOM Enemy Unknown.

Jim Peython almost died when Diana, his granddaughter, came to his rescue.

Jim Peython knows he will not live long so he tells his granddaughter everything about how he got to E.D.N III. He began his journey to E.D.N III 50 years ago to discover its resources and solve the world’s energy crisis. Jim felt something was wrong after a while in E.D.N III.

He discovers that this crew has not arrived on E.D.N III to explore energy resources. In fact, there are still people living on the planet.

Some interesting twists of events lead Jim Python to find himself in the middle of a war against Akrid. Mafia The City of Lost Heaven, a third-person shooter game, is also available for download.

The game’s extreme conditions are now more unpredictable and harsher than in the past. This game is cinematic in its graphics, animations, and sounds. Lost Planet 3 offers a wide range of weapons and an imposing setting that is sure to be a hit.

Features of Lost Planet 3

These are the main features that Lost Planet 3 will offer you after your first installation on your Operating System.

  • Amazing third-person shooter game.
  • Multiplayer game
  • Extreme conditions becoming more severe
  • Introduced new weaponry
  • Animations and cinematic graphics.
  • Impressive sounds.

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Lost Planet 3 iOS/APK Download



Lost Planet 3 iOS/APK Download
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