Japan now punishes Cyberbullying with a year in prison

Japan now punishes Cyberbullying with a year in prison

Japan has just passed a new cyberbullying law. Today, insulting another person online will result in a year imprisonment and a 2200 euro fine. This area has been fairly neglected by the country, despite high-profile cases.

The best way to combat cyberbullying is still being explored by governments around the globe. The social media age’s scourge is difficult to control and even harder to eradicate. It is a problem that is difficult to stop and a constant headache for authorities, web giants, and most importantly, victims. France has also taken initiatives, including an application project that facilitates reporting. However, the effectiveness of these efforts is yet to be demonstrated. Japan chose to be more proactive. 2020:

The suicide of Hana Kimura (professional wrestler, local reality TV star) has shaken the country. It happened after a particularly vicious cyberbullying campaign. She was just 22 years old. Despite the severity of the allegations, the men were fined 65 euros. The scandal created by this incident led to authorities tightening the screws.

Japan has become more strict against cyberbullying

The country has passed a new law to combat cyberbullying. Anyone publishing insults online will be sentenced to a year in prison and a fine amounting to 300,000 yen (or about 2,200 euro). Victims now have up 3 years to file a complaint about their attacker. This penalty used to be a 30 day sentence in prison with a 10,000 yen penalty.

This new measure is a good thing, but it raises questions about what constitutes an insult. Seiho Cho, an Japanese lawyer, stated that there must be a guideline to distinguish between what constitutes insult. “For instance, if someone calls Japan’s leader an idiot, it could be considered an insult under the new law.

Japan now punishes Cyberbullying with a year in prison
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