Internet Explorer: An End of an Internet Era

Internet Explorer: An End of an Internet Era

Web browsers are indispensable in our daily lives. They allow us to search for the meaning of words and find the best restaurants in our area. The search engines of today aren’t as fast and as efficient as those we used back then. This is just like Internet Explorer, which frustrated many users due to its slow speeds. It served its purpose well, although it was slow for streaming TV and movies browsing social media sites.

Internet Explorer played an important role in the lives of everyone born between 1995 and 2005. It was one of the first web browsers to be available in the world. It was a reliable companion, especially in the early days of internet.

Its simplicity and ease-of-use interface was a welcome relief from more complex search engines. However, all good things must end and Microsoft has decided to retire Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer’s Inability to Keep up with the Advancements

Sean Lyndersay, the General Manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise says that even continuous improvements to Internet Explorer can’t keep up with the advancements of the internet. They have therefore decided to restart the project using Microsoft Edge.

It was once the most used web browser but it has been declining steadily for almost 20 years. It was launched in 1995 with Windows 95’s release. It dominated the web browser market up to 2002. It was abandoned by Microsoft for over five years, without any updates or newer versions.

Users were therefore forced to upgrade to newer web browsers that offer better security and more speed. Internet Explorer was below 50% in 2010. Microsoft announced last year that Internet Explorer was no longer practical or usable for the majority of online tasks. It does not provide cybersecurity services.

Microsoft Internet Explorer will not be the same if it is discontinued. It won’t work with high speed internet. The slow and sluggish interface will prevent you from enjoying it. It’s best to stop using it now.

Microsoft Edge: Does It Make You Feel Better?

Microsoft has now decided to end Internet Explorer and is focusing on Edge. The company’s new browser will soon replace Internet Explorer. It is hoped that the software giant will resolve all issues users had with Internet Explorer.

Although the Microsoft Edge 2.0 is still relatively new, many users are claiming it to be better than its predecessor. It promises users a faster and more secure browsing experience than Internet Explorer. It can keep up to date with web standards thanks to its Chromium-powered technology. Microsoft plans to add some features to make it more attractive to users such as extensions and integrated note-taking functions.

Microsoft Edge will also be available on all devices including Android and iOS. The company is working hard to make sure that this happens. Users will enjoy the same experience no matter what platform they use.

Which Browser Is Dominating in This Year’s Web Design?

Statcounter’s report shows that Google Chrome is still the most popular web browser market, with 63.63% of all share in 2022. Apple Safari is next with 19.78%, Firefox 3.65% and Microsoft Edge 3.24%.

These stats show that Edge still has a lot of work to do before reaching the top. It’s still a new product. Google Chrome is able to provide almost everything that many people need, so they are reluctant to switch.


Internet Explorer will soon be gone. Microsoft finally decides to end Internet Explorer’s decline after it has been in decline for years. It was a trusted companion, especially in the early days of the internet. But it is time to move on.

Internet Explorer: An End of an Internet Era
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