How to fix problems with Google Assistant

How to fix problems with Google Assistant

We will show you how to solve problems using Google Assistant for your mobile.

Google Assistant, the assistant that can help you just by speaking, is one of most useful features that you can have on your Android smartphone. Google Assistant may not function properly on your phone. We will explain the various solutions that you can use if you have problems with this function. If West doesn’t understand what you are saying when you speak to West, then it’s obvious that something is wrong.

There are many ways to solve these problems. You can now use any Google Assistant voice command whenever it is needed. Each one is explained step-by-step and illustrated with screenshots. These solutions will help you if the Google Assistant doesn’t work on your mobile device.

Confirm that Google Assistant has been activated

First, confirm that the Google Assistant has been activated. Although it can seem very simple, it is possible that the Google Assistant has been disabled on your phone. Speak “OK Google” or swipe to the bottom of the screen. You will see the wizard if it appears.

Confirm that the voice command has been activated

It could be that the Google Assistant is not activating with the gesture but with the voice command. You can quickly fix this issue by following these steps.

  • Open the Google App and tap on the profile picture at the upper right corner.
  • Go into “Settings”.
  • Accede to Google Assistant .
  • Enter “Hey Google, Voice Match”.
  • Use the “Ok Google” box in the “This device” section.

This will activate the Google Assistant every time you say “Ok Google”, regardless of whether the screen is turned off or you’re using an app. This command will enable the assistant to respond most frequently when you call it.

Google Assistant app updated

The problem that is preventing the Google Assistant from working on your device may be because you haven’t updated the app to the most recent version. These steps will fix the problem:

  • Open the app Play store.
  • Google Assistant App Search.
  • To download the most recent update, click on the “Update” button

If you see only the “Uninstall” or “Open” buttons, the Google Assistant app is up-to-date to the most recent version. This is not likely to be the root cause of your problem. You can also activate the “Update automatically” button by clicking the three dots button in the upper left corner of your page from the Play Store.

Reset the battery saving mode

The Google Assistant may not work properly if you have the battery-saving mode enabled on your phone. This can cause some functions to be less effective, like the wizard. This is how to solve it:

  • Open the settings on your smartphone.
  • Enter the section “Drums“.
  • Accede to “Battery Saving Mode”.
  • Click on the box to disable the “Battery Saving Mode” function.

Teach him to recognize your voice correctly

The Google Assistant might not be recognizing your voice because you didn’t perform the required procedure correctly. You have the option to repeat the procedure so that the Assistant recognizes your voice clearly. This will allow you to activate it by pressing “OK Google” or asking for something. It will then understand exactly what you’ve said. This is how to save your voice model.

  • Open the Google App and tap on the profile picture at the top right corner.
  • Go into “Settings”.
  • Get “Google Assistant”.
  • Enter “Hey Google, Voice Match”.
  • Tap on “Voice Model“.
  • Select “Recreate Voice Model”, and follow the steps.

Check the configuration settings

The problem could also be caused by an incorrect configuration of Google Assistant settings. As we explained in the previous methods, it is recommended that you go to the configuration page and review each setting. It is possible, for example, that the languages have not been set up correctly so the assistant doesn’t understand what you say.

How to fix problems with Google Assistant
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