Diablo Immortal Generates $1 Million a Day Despite the Controversy
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Diablo Immortal Generates $1 Million a Day Despite the Controversy

Diablo Immortal has been a huge success. The mobile game has raised over $50 million, or one million per day. It is a remarkable success, even more so because it has been at its heart of criticisms of the economic system.

Diablo Immortal has been criticized. However, it is still a great success. Mobilegamer.biz reports that Blizzard’s mobile game earned the studio $48.9million in less than a month. This is more than a million dollars per day! It reached $2.4 million just four days after it was released! These figures don’t include 30% commissions from Google and Apple stores.

This title has been viewed over 10,000,000 times in one week (and 35,000,000 records in both the AppStore and PlayStore). A real card! Diablo 3 was the most anticipated and sold game at that time, selling 10 million copies in just six weeks. This is the mobile version, not the PC version.

Diablo Immortal is a huge hit, despite having a more than questionable economic model
Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal is therefore an excellent bet. Although the title is no longer among the top 10 most downloaded apps, it remains a success. It is the mobile version of AAAsurpasses APEX Legends Mobile’s $11.6 million.

Blizzard is not trying to kill the goose that lays golden eggs in any of these cases. Many content will be provided to keep players entertained and to encourage them to shop online. This will allow Diablo 4 to grow its fan base, which is expected to arrive in 2023. Diablo Immortal is a great game. It’s addictive, fun, easy to use, and well-suited for mobile gaming. It has been praised for more than its brutal economic system.

Loot boxes are a great way to increase your chances of getting better gear. If a player wants the best server experience, he must spend a lot. This system was created for mobile only. Blizzard already stated that Diablo 4, which is being developed for consoles and PC, will feature a more traditional economic model.

Diablo Immortal Generates $1 Million a Day Despite the Controversy
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