Android 11 Go Version Is A Must For Cheap Smartphones Now
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Android 11 Go Version Is A Must For Cheap Smartphones Now

Google uses Android11 to reduce performance while ensuring that entry-level smartphone buyers don’t get the “normal” Android experience.

Based on the XDA-Developers document , the XDA_Developers colleagues reported that the Internet company has modified the specifications for devices using the slimmed down operating system version Google Go. Android 11 has made it mandatory that all Android smartphones with a normal operating system have at least 3GB of RAM.

Android Go must be used for all devices with less than 2GB RAM

According to the Android 11 Go Edition device configuration guide, available from manufacturers since April’s end, all devices with less than two gigabytes RAM must be equipped with Android Go. Smartphone models with a regular Android 10 but less than two gigabytes will be upgraded to Go models in the future.

It is not planned to downgrade devices already in production that have Android 10 in the standard version. The requirement will apply to all new devices on the market that are Android10 but do not have Android 11 installed. Google also makes sure that devices with very little RAM (i.e. Devices with less than 512 megabytes RAM will not be eligible for official support from Google Mobile Services (GMS). These ultra-low-end smartphones will no longer have access to the Google Play Store or the associated Google apps. While devices that are currently available will continue to work, the change will mean that these products will soon disappear from the marketplace.

The new requirements for Android-based smartphones will not affect the prices of end customers due to the rapid development of hardware equipment. Memory prices have been falling steadily, which means that many manufacturers will be able offer sufficient RAM devices at slightly higher prices to ensure they exceed the 2GB limit in the future.

Android 11 Go Version Is A Must For Cheap Smartphones Now
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