Android 11 Brings Auto-fill Function On Keyboard Like Never Before
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Android 11 Brings Auto-fill Function On Keyboard Like Never Before

Many of our favorite ways to work have been made possible by web browsers. These are now commonplace. One example is auto-filling. This can be achieved using the filling information that we save in our browsers or third-party apps. This is especially important for mobile phones, where typing can be cumbersome. Although both Android and iOS have supported automatic form filling, the Android version has felt a step closer to a seamless connection.

This problem has been solved in Android 11. To find the credit card information or password you need, you don’t have to search for them all.

The auto-fill system works in a way that allows you to select from several options in the pop-up or drop-down menus. It is very easy to do this on a laptop or desktop computer using a keyboard and mouse. However, it is more difficult on mobile devices.

iOS, however, has solved this problem by allowing auto-fill suggestions above the keyboard. This reduces the distance that the finger leaves the keyboard. Android 11 will finally implement this feature, allowing users to complete login and payment forms faster and easier.

Security Problems May Arise

Android users who are concerned about privacy and security might object to the new feature, as the auto-filled information may eventually be entered through the input editor or IME. Google promises that the IME app will not see these suggestions unless the user chooses one of them to fill out the form.

Although it is convenient, there is a downside. It must be supported simultaneously by a password manager app and keyboard/IME. Android 11 will default to the drop-down method if any of these are not available. Only 1Password, Google’s Gboard, and Google’s own Gboard have been released for the new feature.

Android 11 Brings Auto-fill Function On Keyboard Like Never Before
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